Erasmus KA2 project

The aim of the project is to create innovative practices for using digital technologies in the classroom in a digital era. These practices will be developed together with teachers from the participating schools.
The output will be tested as for its meaningful value in the acquisition of digital skills and competences of students aged 10-12. Furthermore, by developing these practices, we support the use of digital technologies to improve pedagogies.

We will develop guidelines on how to create lesson plans that incorporate digital tools complying to a new digital pedagogy of meaningful use of technology in the classroom.

The rapid development of technology has changed the requirements of work places. Nearly all future occupations/ professions will demand a high level of digital competences from the employees.
Our pupils adapt to new technology very fast, at the same time, schools, teaching practices and teacher trainings progress at a slower pace. That creates a big gap between the pupils’ life and their education (digital natives vs. digital immigrants).