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Main subject: Sports
related subject:
Duration: 90 minutes.
Age groups: Age 12
Submitted by: Wiebke Drath, Germany

Learning objectives:

To strengthen one’s orientation ability, to work with the Application, to work while being controlled.

Implemented digital tools:

Action Bound

Supported digital competence for student:

Information and data literacy, Communication and collaboration.

Elaboration of the competences:

Download the Action Bound App. Upload information (answers, pictures). Use google map. Take pictures and selfies. Work in a team and solve problems.


A letter to parents to gain permission to install the application, to bring the students’ devices to school and to use their personal data for a certain amount of time.


Students start their action bound in teams, a new team starts every three minutes. They follow the instructions which have been clearly described in the program.


Students upload their answers and receive a final report about the place they made during the “action bound” treasure hunt. In the next lesson students will create their own treasure hunts and create an action bound for fellow students.

Implemented needed devices: