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Main subject: Crafts
related subject: Math, Art, ICT
Duration: 90 minutes.
Age groups: Age 10, Age 11, Age 12
Submitted by: Kaire Kollom-Vahtra, Estonia

Learning objectives:

*What are circles *How to draw them *How to increase, multiplication *Consolidate and strengthen knowledge through on-the-job training *Hand sewing, Use of thread, needle and scissors *Working individually *Practice patience *How to use a smart device and take a photo of their creation and how to send it to a teacher (via email or messenger) OR upload it to a web board such as Padlet etc *Cybersecurity

Implemented digital tools:

Video viewing environment (

Supported digital competence for student:

Information and data literacy, Communication and collaboration, Digital content creation, Safety, Problem solving.

Elaboration of the competences:

*Students learn by watching, doing and collaborating *Knowledge of smart devices use and cybersecurity *The final outcome is a student’s own creation of what they saw in the video


*The teacher must search for an instructional video or make it by himself/herself *The teacher must create a model for students to work on, and prepare templates of the circles for each student *The class must have necessary devices to watch the video repeatedly – a computer or a smart device with internet access. *The teacher must prepare a web board such as a Padlet, etc and create passwords so that the student can modify the website *In the classroom, everything necessary must be ready on the tables for creative work to start. *Tablets or smart phones with an internet connection (at least one per pair) must be available to take a picture for sending or uploading it.


*A presupposition: the class teacher has already studied and taught circles in the previous math lesson *At the end of the math lesson the class teacher has already shown the students on a big screen how to open the link to the video and how to watch, pause, rewind, and watch the video again. *Students have had a homework assignment to watch the video (flipped classroom method)


*At the beginning of the crafts lesson, the crafts teacher asks students to talk about what they saw in the video, how many circles there were and what size circles were and how it related to last week’s math lesson *Students work individually, draw circles on the fabric and cut the circles out *According to the video instructions a spruce trees will be sewn by hand *The crafts teacher is in the classroom to support the students and guide them when needed


*Once the tree has been sewn, it must be photographed and sent to the teachers (both the math teacher and the crafts teacher) or uploaded to a shared Padlet. *Students must comply with cybersecurity requirements (i.e. keep passwords secret) * At the end of the lesson students present their completed work and provide feedback on their progress. *Each student can reflect on their results; what was easy and what was difficult.

Implemented needed devices:

A computer, tablets or smart phones with an internet connection.