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Main subject: PE
related subject: Music
Duration: 60 minutes.
Age groups: Age 12
Submitted by: Drath, Hermanussen

Learning objectives:

Students learn the basics of gambol jump in cooperation with other students while using „digital stationwork“ as a method of the lesson.

Implemented digital tools:

Book creator; video-delay

Supported digital competence for student:

Communication and collaboration

Elaboration of the competences:

A prepared digital stationwork provides guidance for the lesson, the feedback application helps students to correct the mistakes themselves and shows their synchronicity.


Create a digital station work including videos, exercises and a description, install the application on all devices which are going to be used. One tool for each group.


Divide the class into groups, everything else is done by the students, the teacher assists during class if necessary.


The class gives a short feedback on the application and shows how far they got during the lesson. The class is to be continued…

Implemented needed devices:

An iPad or a tablet without internet connection.