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Main subject: Languages
related subject: Science, Languages, ICT, Geography, History, Religion/ethics
Duration: 120 minutes.
Age groups: Age 10, Age 11, Age 12
Submitted by: Elva Díana, Wiebke and Sari

Learning objectives:

Train to speak, train to collaborate and learn how a story is built up.

Implemented digital tools:

Toontastic App, Internet connection for upload.

Supported digital competence for student:

Communication and collaboration, Digital content creation

Elaboration of the competences:

Communication and collaboration: they are working in a group. Digital content creation: they create their individual story.


Everbody needs to have the App ”.Toontastic” and internet access needed for upload. Prepare the instructions on how to write the story. Paper and pens for the poster. Groups of 2-3.


Introduction of the Toontastic App to the kids (PPP). The students are going to write a story about “Finding a friend”.


They have to think of setting, characters, story and script (planning the beginning, middle and the end (plot) on a poster). Next step: Using the App.


Presentation of the stories and afterwards feedback from the students that were watching.

Implemented needed devices: