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Main subject: Crafts
related subject: Science, Languages, Art, ICT
Duration: 45 minutes.
Age groups: Age 10, Age 11, Age 12
Submitted by: Kaire Kollom-Vahtra, Estonia

Learning objectives:

* The student is able to search for pictures of spring flowers on the Internet and name them in their native language and English * The student is able to search for necessary tools and materials given in a list, independently or with help provided. * If some of the necessary materials are not available at home (for example, coloured paper), the student is able to use creativity to approach the task and replace paper with, for example, coloured leaflets. * The student can behave in a video lesson and place the camera correctly so that the background is neutral and with no distractions. * Students learn to consider others and be patient. * The student can work in a video lesson either independently or with help from a parent or an educator. * The student can pack his/ her tools after the lesson and clean the table afterwards.

Implemented digital tools:

Google search engine, Zoom or FB messenger for a video call

Supported digital competence for student:

Information and data literacy, Safety, Problem solving

Elaboration of the competences:

*Students learn by watching, doing and collaborating *Students search for reliable information online. *The final outcome will be a student’s own creation together with a teacher in a video lesson. *The teacher is always supportive and instructs when something needs to be improved. *Continuous oral feedback from the teacher throughout the video lesson.


*The class teacher has already taught about various spring flowers the previous week, such as a dandelion and a daffodil *The student must have a digital device to participate in the video lesson (a computer or a smart phone with an internet connection). * The student knows his/ her lesson plan and is ready to participate in the video lesson * Students are sent a worksheet on how to make a flower for Mother’s Day, either by post or online. * The student has have all necessary materials available in the beginning of the video lesson.


* The class teacher has already taught about various spring flowers the previous week * The teacher asks about spring flowers and lets the students talk * The teacher asks about the worksheet: what was clear about it and if there was anything that needed further explanation


* During the video lesson, students work with the teacher step by step * During the video lesson, a spring flower is made of paper for Mother’s Day * At the end of the class, clean up your workplace


* Students present the completed work and give feedback on their progress. In short, each student can reflect on his/ her result, which was easy and what was difficult. * Students also share feedback on the video lesson- what they liked and what should be done better in the future

Implemented needed devices:

Computer, tablets or phones with internet connection and with camera and microphone