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Main subject: Science
related subject: Science, Languages, ICT
Duration: 45 minutes.
Age groups: Age 10, Age 11, Age 12
Submitted by: Jari Koukkumäki Finland

Learning objectives:

Students learn the basics of coding and giving commands. English vocabulary increases. Problem solving.

Implemented digital tools:

Students need a media device (phone or pad). Internet connection recommended but not necessary.

Supported digital competence for student:

Information and data literacy, Communication and collaboration, Problem solving

Elaboration of the competences:

By playing this Lightbot: Code Hour game a student learns some very basics of programming and coding. Also problem solving skills improve. The collaboration with others is couraged.


Teacher needs the media devices to all students. Students can also use their own phones if the Lightbot: Code Hour game is installed.


Before the actual tool is introduced the teacher tells shortly about coding and giving commands. Introducing a play: the teacher asks all students to stand up. If the teacher goes down the the students jump, if the the jumps the students go down. If the teacher turns left the students turn right… the play continues with several commands in which the students have to do the opposite command.


After the play shown above the students take their devices and open the Lightbot: Code Hour game. Teacher shows the first template how the game is played as well as the commands in native language. The students starts to play the game. The game leads the player forward from level to level. Teacher helps if problems are too difficult to continue.


At the end of the lesson the students tell others how far they got playing the game. The general discussion of the game and the coding.

Implemented needed devices: