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Main subject: Sports
related subject: Sports, Music, Art, ICT
Duration: 60 minutes.
Age groups: Age 10, Age 11, Age 12
Submitted by: Jari Koukkumäki Finland

Learning objectives:

Increase the creativity and collaboration with others. Easy way to make content to Internet and represent oneself and his/hers ideas.

Implemented digital tools:

The teacher and the students need media device with internet connection.

Supported digital competence for student:

Information and data literacy, Communication and collaboration, Digital content creation, Safety, Problem solving

Elaboration of the competences:

Tiktoks are meant to share to public so that requires a general discussion with the students of what one can or should publish on the Internet. Tiktoks can be made by oneself but usually they meant to do with others and sharing ideas. To be individual and creative call for different kind of problem solving skills (what looks and sounds good and original)


Tiktoks are short videos of music and movement or whatever the maker wants to represent. Teacher should watch what kind of Tiktoks there are made and get the general idea of the core of Tiktok. Teacher also need to make few Tiktoks of one own so that the tool is familiar. Especially learning how to publish the tiktoks just for the group of students – not the worldwide.


First the teacher shows few selected Tiktoks to students. Then student form groups (2-4) and the groups are given the media devices (Students own phones are also ok). The Teacher tells the students how to Tiktok tool works and how the Tiktoks are made (the tool is rather easy).


The goal of the lesson is to make at least one Tiktok in where the students show some physical movements etc. dance, gymnastics, handling the ball… and search the music that fits to that. The group make careful planning of how the Tiktok is made and how its filmed. When the group is satisfied with the outcome they can modify it with tool to make it look even better. If there is time they can do another one.


At the end of lesson the group shares their outcomes to other groups. Not the wide open on the Internet. Talking, commenting and cheering to all Tiktoks.

Implemented needed devices: