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Main subject: ICT
related subject: Math
Duration: 75 minutes.
Age groups: Age 11, Age 12
Submitted by: Hanna Särkkä

Learning objectives:

The goal is to learn programming. Additionally the lesson encorauges pupils to learn from each other and develop their social skills.

Implemented digital tools:

Swift Playgrounds. The programming language is Swift, but the ideas of programming are universal. There are plenty of opportunities to choose from in this app. I have used it in teaching how to code.

Supported digital competence for student:

Problem solving

Elaboration of the competences:

To proceed to the next level in this app a student needs to solve problems.


Have iPads with the Swift Playground App ready. Familiarize yourself with the app prior to the lesson. Trust that the students will know more than you do and let tem shine!


Tell students that you are going to learn programming. Tell them that they are allowed (and asked) to help each other.


Tell students that the program works by dragging the right commands into a white programming platform. Show the students how to drag commands to the programming platform. Show how to change the speed of the character. Ask the students to take notice of hints if the program is not working. Let the students to proceed in their own pace and help them with the language (English).


Discussion with students: – What level did you reach? – What was easy? – What was difficult? -Did you help anyone? -Did you get help from someone? – What did you learn? – Did you have fun?

Implemented needed devices:

iPads for students (and the teacher.)