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Main subject: Languages
related subject: Languages, ICT
Duration: 45 minutes.
Age groups: Age 10, Age 11, Age 12
Submitted by: Tytti Lankinen, Finland

Learning objectives:

Students learn how to read and pronounce English.

Implemented digital tools:

I pad Application or computer with internet connection

Supported digital competence for student:

Information and data literacy, Communication and collaboration

Elaboration of the competences:

Students learn by doing, hearing and reading. Application corrects if the answer goes wrong.


I pads or computers for each student.


Everyone does at your own pace the three first reading tasks by themselves; an-at, en-et, ig-ip There is an virtual book to listen and play also. If someone is quicker, he may do more tasks.


Turn the computers/ i pads off. Ask questions about what they learned.

Implemented needed devices: