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Improves writing and reading skills in students through visualized storytelling. Teachers can create interactive and artistic books online through a simple and easy to use interface. They can be embedded in blogs, sent by email, and printed, among other options. Teachers can also create projects with students, give constant feedback, and organize classes and grades.

  • Website:
  • What kind of tool is it? Web based tool, App
  • The tool is made for: Windows, Android, iOS
  • Cost involved? Free with limitation
  • Digital competences for students: Information and data literacy, Digital content creation
  • Related to subjects: Languages, Art
  • Age groups: Age 10-12, Age 13-15, Age 16+
  • Devices needed: ¬†Teacher device with internet connection, Teacher device without internet connection, Student devices with internet connection, Student devices without internet connection
  • Account needed: Only teacher needs an account, Teacher and student need an account
  • Difficulty level: 3 (from 1 – 5 )
  • GDPR compliant?

Other information: