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Fun way to learn english. “We make fun things educational. In other words, we find things children already love to do and make them educational.” Learn basic conversations and grammar, -Very good counting, colour, what´s your name, greeting, how´s the weather, where is it: in, on under, behind, next to, in front of, behind, months of the year , like, don´t like, can/ can´t, where are you from+ countries+flags, songs -Talking flashcards, A series of talking flashcards videos to allow your students to practice English vocabulary at home.

  • Website:
  • What kind of tool is it? Web based tool, App
  • The tool is made for: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Cost involved? Free to use
  • Digital competences for students: Communication and collaboration
  • Related to subjects: Math, Science, Languages, Sports, Music, Art
  • Age groups: Age 6-7, Age 8-9, Age 10-12
  • Devices needed:  Teacher device with internet connection, Student devices with internet connection
  • Account needed: No account needed
  • Difficulty level: 1 (from 1 – 5 )
  • GDPR compliant?

Other information: