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Fun Learning Games For Kids That Teachers Can Customize Zondle is a website where teachers can go to actually create custom games that teach kids with questions and answers integrated into a game environment. The Zondle games are fairly basic games, but the graphics are great and some of the animation and sound effects are fun and interesting enough to hold the attention of young kids. The premise behind the games is to encourage kids to select the right answers in order to have a chance to play a little bit of an arcade-style game. Each correct answer rewards the child with another interactive segment.

  • Website:
  • What kind of tool is it? Web based tool
  • The tool is made for: Windows, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Cost involved? I don’t know
  • Digital competences for students: Information and data literacy, Communication and collaboration, Problem solving
  • Related to subjects: can be combined with any subject
  • Age groups: Age 6-7, Age 8-9, Age 10-12, Age 13-15, Age 16+
  • Devices needed: ¬†Teacher device with internet connection, Student devices with internet connection
  • Account needed: Teacher and student need an account
  • Difficulty level: 3 (from 1 – 5 )
  • GDPR compliant?

Other information: