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English Singsing is the channel that all children joyfully play with English and learn English. 38 easy dialogues in English, lots of different situations to learn or practise. 98 different vocabulary themes, 63 nursery rhymes, songs for each holiday, 48 different cartoon stories with learning. All basic grammar themes are involved.

  • Website:
  • What kind of tool is it? Web based tool
  • The tool is made for: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Cost involved? Free to use
  • Digital competences for students: Communication and collaboration
  • Related to subjects: Math, Science, Languages, Sports, Music, Geography
  • Age groups: Age 6-7, Age 8-9, Age 10-12
  • Devices needed: ¬†Teacher device with internet connection, Student devices with internet connection
  • Account needed: No account needed
  • Difficulty level: 1 (from 1 – 5 )
  • GDPR compliant?

Other information: